Monday, April 2, 2012

Confessions of an Over-Sharer

Recently I’ve heard a lot about over sharing on social networking sites.  And most of the complaints are about mothers who post too many pictures, videos and statuses having to do with their kids. 

People that I’m “friends” with have actually complained to ME about it.  About being sick of hearing everything someone’s kid has done that day.  Um, hi…do you realize who you’re talking to? I suppose if this is a crime than I’m fully guilty.  I post a lot about my children and I know other parents that do as well.

First of all, know that we can’t help it.  Our kids are adorable and funny and smart.  They are becoming their own little people and learning new things every day.  We’re proud of their accomplishments and get excited to share all the cute/horrifying/hilarious moments.

The problem for most moms, however, is that we’re home alone with our kids all day.  So when little Johnny took his first steps the only other one around to witness it was the dog…and he was too busy licking his non-existent balls to care. 

You go crazy without adult interaction.  That’s just a fact.  Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter allow you to feel connected to the grown-up world even though you’re currently covered in mashed up banana, wearing baggy plaid pajama pants and singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. 

Moms are people too.  Stop judging us.  We’ve given up a lot in order to raise your future doctor, lawyer, waitress, garbage man, manicurist or chef.  It’s not a bad thing if we want to feel validated that, yes, our child is actually the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.  Hit the damn like button on that picture of little Mary in her first dance recital outfit, would ya?

Seriously, though, how does this problem really affect your life?  Scroll past the picture, don’t click on the link to the video, don’t read the status updates (but know that you’re missing out because I’m HILARIOUS!)  Nothing negative actually happens to you when I post things. 

But moms aren’t the only ones guilty of sharing…

Thanks for the pictures of every food you’ve ever consumed, bar you’ve ever been to, pretty piece of grass you’ve ever seen…*

Moms don’t care about those things because we can’t afford to eat out, we don’t have the energy to go bar hopping and the only time we notice the grass is when we’re yelling at our husbands to mow it. 

And people with pets are often worse than moms.**

I super enjoyed the 94 pictures you posted of your dog in different locations wearing different sweaters. 
Your goldfish swam counterclockwise for the first time today?  Amazing.  I hope you took a video. 

These things that are posted all the time.  Yet it somehow becomes offensive when it involves a person’s offspring.  And, yes, sometimes it’s taken too far.  A tweet about Bobby using the potty for the first time?  Great.  A picture of the outcome?  No thanks. 

In conclusion, if you’re annoyed by being constantly surrounded by images and stories of other people’s kids my advice is…have one of your own.  That’s the best punishment I can think of for someone who is so self-centered that they can’t take five seconds to look at the picture of my kids at the park without bitching about it.

*As a side note, I actually do like those pictures!  They allow me to live vicariously through my cool, fun, young friends.

**I also enjoy your pets.  I have pets.  They’re great! Except I actually don’t enjoy fish…so I won’t be viewing that video. 


  1. Especially loved the asterisk parts. :) lol

  2. I was feeling so bad about my incessant posts of food and Brody until I got to the end.

    1. Haha! Don't worry, I like that stuff! I just think its funny how some people do those things and then complain about having to read about people's kids. Bring on all the cats and food you can find!

  3. What?! Everyone wants to hear about what my kid does because he is so awesome. And dogs suck. Only if that is the "only child" in the house." :)

    1. It's a good thing I document every second so I can post and post and post! =)