Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tigger's New Digs

This morning Carter excitedly ran into the bathroom while I was peeing.  As a mom of two I’m used to being interrupted in there to be told important stuff like a car was thrown at someone’s head, a favorite blanket was lost, someone sneezed last week, the wind is blowing, etc. etc.

But today? Today brought some BIG news. Little Tigger found a new house! 

(For those of you who aren’t aware, Carter has a very special collection of Tigger stuffed animals.  They have creative and exotic names like Big Tigger, Medium Tigger, Little Tigger and Teensy Tigger.)

Anyway, today Little Tigger had apparently found the perfect place to live.  I had no idea he was even house hunting but good for him for finding something in this market!  The house was SO perfect, in fact, Carter was insisting that he wanted to bring it in for show and tell.  He wanted his teachers and all his friends to see Little Tigger’s new digs.

“Can I, Mom?  Can I bring in Little Tigger’s new house to show everyone at school?”

“Um, I guess so.  Where is it?  I want to see the new house.”

Here it is:


Wow, ok.  You wanna bring an empty tequila box into school with you?  That seems completely and totally appropriate.  Why don’t you just then go ahead and tell everyone that Mommy drank the tequila on the way to drop you off?  That’ll be swell!

He’s more excited about this tequila box than…I don’t know…something else he’s been really excited about.  A new bike? His birthday?  Ice cream?  He’s so damn proud of himself for coming up with this fantastic idea.

He’s been playing with Tigger’s new house all morning.  The really super cool thing about it is it has different rooms:


I can only assume this must be the bathroom?  Looks like Little Tigger's not getting any privacy in there either.

Here’s Tigger playing outside of the house.  Maybe he’s gardening.  Maybe he’s growing some delicious limes to accompany his margaritas.

He looks really happy and content here. 
(This is basically the face I made when I got the box too.)
Another great thing about this house is it nice and cozy for the one Tigger yet also has plenty of room if you want to have some friends over.  Ya know, to hang out and do shots or something.
That rabbit looks like maybe he's had enough. 
I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say this is not how the makers of 1800 intended their fancy box to be used. 


  1. "The really super cool thing about it is it has different rooms" <--- YES! That was AWESOME!!!!

    The wonderful thing about Tigger's house, is Tigger's house has multiple rooms. The left side is made for voyeurism and the right for spying on you. (I hope you sang that in your head as you read it)

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