Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Top Ten Ways You Know it's Gonna be a Long Day

Some days fly by and you do fun things and your kids enjoy themselves and you enjoy them and it’s all one big ray of sunshine.

This is not one of those days.

Here’s a list of ways you can tell it’s gonna be one hell of a long ass day:

10.  It’s not a school day.

9.  You had to get up and out of bed but your dog got to sleep in and as you’re watching him lay there tucked into your covers you just know he’s secretly saying “Sucker!” under his breath to you.

8.  Everyone wants a yellow spoon with breakfast and you only have one yellow spoon and absolutely NO other color except for YELLOW will do for ANYONE. 

7.  Yesterday was 80 and sunny and your sister brought over an awesome kiddie pool and everyone had so much fun and it was great. Today it’s 65 and overcast and no one understands that means no kiddie pool and if you don’t let them go in the kiddie pool you are the MEANEST MOMMY EVER!

6.  Your internet is spotty and that means Netflix isn’t working and if Netflix isn’t working that means no “Rescue Bots” and if they can’t watch “Rescue Bots” their heads are going to LITERALLY EXPLODE.

5.  Your 4 year old wants to play puzzles with you but he doesn’t like it when the pieces don’t fit where he thinks they should so he needs your help which basically means he sits there and watches as you get more and more frustrated because they don’t fit where you think they should either and also you HATE DOING PUZZLES!

4.  It’s 10 am and they have already asked for lunch…twice.

3.  Someone is pooping in the upstairs bathroom while someone else is simultaneously pooping in the downstairs bathroom and they both want you to wipe them but they both want you to wipe them first.  So you’re standing in your kitchen like Sophie’s Choice wondering who is gonna throw the bigger temper tantrum if you wipe their ass second and then you go “Wait…this is my life?”

2.  Your 3 year old is pretending to be Baby Cat and will only communicate with you through mewing and he wants something so badly but refuses to use English and you don’t speak Mew and WHAT THE F*@K DO YOU WANT KID!!

1.  You see the mailman bringing your mail and you go out to grab it from him and he gives you a strange look and you wonder why but then you realize you were just playing “Birthday Party” with your kids and you greeted him looking like this:
So, yeah, that's how I know.


  1. #5 and #3...Yes. Just yes.

    Also, I didn't know birthday hats were part of the deal. I may need to come visit even if the Rangers don't win a game!

    Lastly, you know the mailman's wife is going to hear about you today when she asks about his day. How is this not a good day?! :-)

    1. Daily life here is anything but ordinary!! And...Go Bruins...I think...