Thursday, April 12, 2012


Hello.  My name is Danielle and I’m a Blog-aholic.

I started writing my blog as a way to have a voice.  Motherhood can be lonely and frustrating.  My blog gave me an outlet, a way to tell my story and share my experiences.

I started sharing it with a few people.  They liked it.  So I shared it with a few more people.  They liked it too.  They told me I was funny, that they could relate to my experiences and they encouraged me to keep writing. 

That fed my desire to share my stories with even more people.  That’s when I joined Twitter.  Which was scary because up until then all of the people reading my blog were people I knew.  Now strangers would get a chance to view my stuff.  And potentially they wouldn’t find me as amusing.  Maybe I’m not as great of a writer as I’ve been led to believe.  Maybe my mom lied to me…

Turns out there are a few other moms out there who know where I’m coming from.  And they’ve told me so.  Wow!  Complete strangers are leaving comments (like two of three of them, but still). 

Now I find that I’m totally addicted to my blog.  I love the thrill I get when I see someone has left a comment or joined my page.  Who doesn't like hearing nice things about themselves?  I get a huge ego boost when I notice the number of page views I’ve had that day.  I feel validated and liked. And that’s the problem…

I find I can’t stop checking to see if I have any new interactions, likes, comments, followers, messages…

And more and more I feel like I’m missing out on time I could be spending with the two reasons I write this blog in the first place.  Speaking of, where are Connor and Graham...wait...are those their names?  Carter and Grant, I mean. 

My name is Danielle…and I’m a blog-aholic. 


  1. Princess SparkleMay 17, 2012 at 10:26 PM

    Hi Danielle - I'm brand new to your blog (via Pesky Pippi's blog) and you are HILARIOUS! I don't have kids, and you make me appreciate waking up and going to work each day! :)

  2. Welcome! Thanks so much for reading!! I love Pesky Pippi myself! After I tell him stories of my day my husband also appreciates getting up and going to work each day! Hahaha =)

    Glad I could make you smile!!