Thursday, September 6, 2012

Eating Out

Today I want to talk about a conversation I overheard at the hair salon a little while ago. 

The lady next to me was talking to her stylist about how ANNOYING it is when kids are out at restaurants.  Like, she’s there to enjoy her dinner and doesn’t want to have to LISTEN to kids.

(Here’s the part where I tell you that I’m writing this blog from jail because upon hearing this I immediately grabbed her foiled head and slammed her face into the mirror in front of us.)

I totally should have.  

Ok, lady, first of all I have to say that my kids are very well behaved at restaurants.  So go to hell.
Check these kids out.  Grant is just taking a glance at the menu options while Carter ponders the meaning of life.  Who wouldn't want to see this when they go out to eat!!

Second, I would like to add that when my kids are out at a restaurant no one is more annoyed by their presence there than…ME.  I would like to be out having adult conversation as well. At least you get to go home alone.  When I leave I have to take them with me. 

Now, I know that not all childless people feel this way…or they at least don’t share their views within earshot of others while getting a much needed cut and color (Dude! Your roots need some major attention! I hear that assholes go grey first…just saying…) Regardless, we parents are not going to avoid public eateries just because you think we should. 

There are however, do and don’ts of eating out with kids.  I don’t take my kids to 5 star restaurants.  If you’re at Chili’s at 5 o’clock on a Tuesday, however, then tough luck.

I also don’t take my kids out late at night.  I cringe when I see little babies out to eat at 10pm.  (Your kid is tired!  Your Cobb salad is not that important…go home!)

The point is you being offended by a child out to eat is ridiculous and you’re a jerk. 

And in conclusion…I hope she turns your hair green.


  1. I wrote about this a few months ago. I used to be, "Ugh. Kids." Funny how that all changes. I wish people would just mind their business. You don't want me pointing and staring at the gravy on your face, do you?

  2. I've taken my child out to eat late at night. For a while, due to medical reasons, she was on a drastically different sleep schedule and was required to be kept awake at night.

    Would you cringe at seeing me take my child to a late night dinner the same way a childless person would cringe at seeing your children at dinner?

    I can understand both sides of the debate. While your children may be well behaved, not all children are. I was at dinner last night with my husband and child and there was another child in the booth behind us. That would stand on the booth, reach over and yell in my ear and pull my hair while the parents laughed and said how cute he was and how well behaved he was as he was not screaming or crying at the time.

    I don't think she was making a judgement call on you. I think she was simply stating her opinion. Just as you have yours.

  3. There are exceptions to every rule, clearly your daughter was one of them. And in the case of your experience while out to eat it was bad parenting that caused that situation.

    And she is entitled to her opinion too, however, I wouldn't loudly state that opinion in a public setting where you don't know who around you HAS children. She should just start a blog insead =)

    Thanks for reading!

  4. That picture is awesome! Very well captioned. :-)

    Kids in restaurants have never bothered me, even though I was never a kid person before I had kids. I think I have always realized the point you made. They have to go home with the parents afterwards, not me. (Well, that used to be the case anyway.) Also, yeah, I completely agree that if you are at Chili's on a Tuesday you need to just shut your mouth.