Saturday, October 16, 2010

Name That Sound!

When you have kids you sometimes have to make up little games to entertain yourself and keep yourself sane. I have one that I play pretty much hourly. Its called "Name That Sound!"

This is how its played:

You have a two year old stand in a room where you don't have a direct view of him. Then you wait. (Some of you may be waiting longer than others, but I'm Carter's mother so my waiting time is almost non-existent). When you hear a noise you time yourself to see how long it takes you to figure out what it was. I wish this would be made into a game show because I would clean up!

Now, this may sound simple to some of you. But do you think you could make out the sound of a knife and a cutting board being used as a drum set because your child is suddenly taller than you remember and can reach the counter?

I can now.

Or would your ears be able pick up the subtle difference between a tow truck and a dump truck as they are launched off the table? Yup, there IS a difference!

The sound of the snack cabinet opening is an easy one because it has its own signature squeak. But hearing that noise causes me to cease all activity and run to the kitchen. Clearly I forgot to close the latch and am about the pay the consequence.

This is the physical challenge.  It comes down to pure speed and agility as you are forced to leap over babies and maneuver around dogs.

I'm fast...Carter is faster.

By the time I get there he has undoubtedly eaten half a bag of cookies or dumped a box of crackers on the floor. This is the reason the dogs come running for that sound as well.

The newest edition of the game features the bonus round: "Things Found in the Fridge!"

Sounds in this round of play include everything from the pop of the ketchup bottle opening to the sound of a Tupperware container hitting the floor. Tupperware is especially exciting because it could contain almost ANYTHING! (Bonus points for guessing this one before the lid is opened.) 

Did you know that the sound of a gallon of milk being poured into a sour cream container is barely audible? That one was quite the challenge, let me tell you! 

Sometimes your kid even has time to get himself a spoon and eat an entire container of Duck Sauce before you realize what's happening. 
The Lightning Round features the single most terrifying sound in the known universe. A sound so frightening that it can make even the most veteran mom shake with fear...SILENCE!

He's in, he climbed up to the, he's...he's...Ah! There are so many choices!

Occasionally he really is just sitting quietly playing with some blocks, but this is a rare occurrence and not as much fun to guess. I get no points if this is the case.

Now, I know that many of you are jealous of my superiority when it comes to the game of "Name That Sound". Don't be. It's just that I have more practice.

If anyone would like to borrow my child so you can hone your skills just let me know. I'll be sitting by the phone...

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