Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Grocery Shopping

(This one has nothing to do with Carter but its on my mind...which currently isn't focused on something that Carter has done so please allow me this moment.) 

I am bad at food shopping.

When I got married I had no idea that this was a skill. I'm good at shopping, so what's the difference? Right? Wrong. Way, way wrong!

First of all, I have to admit that marketing executives have me in mind when they create an advertisement. Whether it's new, improved, scented, shiny, buy one get one, buy twelve get one half off...I have to have it. Mike now refuses to send me to the store alone. Or at least without a serious pep talk.

"Just get what's on the list."

I actually get nervous going on my own. I know I'll have six things on my list and end up spending $90 anyway. How does this happen?

I guess it's because I'm a "just-in-case" type of shopper. I know that I like to have certain things in the house, and if I'm not sure about their status in my pantry then I'll have to buy one. Just to be sure.

We've had situations where Mike assures me that we do, in fact, have hummus in the fridge. He just saw the container. He KNOWS it's in there. We leave the store hummus-less only to find that the container previously referenced holds some sort of crust which indicates it once contained hummus, but that's all. Who the hell puts that back in the fridge anyway?

SEE?! I may over spend but at least I have something to dip my crackers in at the end of the day!

No, I can do this! I'll show him that I can..oooh! Family Size!

"But we use this, so buying it on sale now will save us in the future. And yes I did NEED five of them! They don't go bad!"

This "over-shopping" habit runs in my family. We are constantly preparing for our future needs, as well as for the needs of anyone we have ever met in our lives ("Yes, I know that I PERSONALLY don't use contact solution...")

Fortunately, this gene isn't as strong in me as it is in some (you know who you are!)

I have an aunt who once bought ten bags of cat food because of the unbelievable price. And no, she doesn't have a cat. Nor does anyone within seven degrees of separation from her. But ya just never know. One day someone, somewhere may have a cat. And then she can whip out her cheap kitty chow and triumphantly tell us all what a savvy shopper she is!

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