Friday, October 1, 2010

Carter's Songs

Carter has very specific...and very diverse...tastes in music.

First and foremost are the damn Wiggles. He LOVES them. I've actually considered just letting the Wiggles raise him. He may well turn out to be a flamboyant, singing and dancing Australian who wears tight, brightly colored shirts, but that's a chance I would be willing to take.

Second on the list is any country song that mentions a tractor. And, um, there are a lot of them. Doesn't just have to be in the song title either, someone in the studio could have whispered the word tractor during the taping of the song and Carter would know it.

Lastly, he has developed a taste for hip hop music.

His first real song obsession, with the song "Replay" by IYAZ, emerged at about 18 months. He heard it in the car one day and that was that. He would walk up to my ipod docking station, point to it and scream "Na, na, na everyday!" (For anyone who hasn't heard the song please look it up on YouTube or something so you can fully appreciate this next story).

So we're in music class...many of my stories seem to take place here...and the teacher has an ipod playing cute little kid songs. Carter walks up to it and points...and I know what is coming. Sure enough he starts the screaming.

The teacher asks me what song he wants to hear, ya know, cause maybe she has it. Doubt it. I should have lied and said he really liked the hokey poky or something. Instead I tell her the song...which she then asks me to sing for her.

"Ah...well...its like 'Shorty's like a melody in my head..." So there I am, in a class full of conservative, stay at home moms and I'm basically rapping for them. Thank you, Carter.

I need to get a Disney CD.

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