Monday, October 4, 2010

Losing the Crib =(

We recently went to Carter's two year Dr's. appointment and everything seemed to be going well. He's growing appropriately, eating well, sleeping great. Model toddler, I mean, on paper at least.

Then from out of nowhere the doctor drops the bomb. The triple "B" bomb..."You need to chang him over to a Big Boy Bed."  I immediately lunged across the table, put him in a choke hold and said "Take it back!"

Ok, no I didn't, but I really wanted to.

Instead I cried out "WHY"! Why would a parent willingly dispose of the one place where you can put your toddler, walk away, and be fairly certain they'll still be there when you come back. You don't see farmers just opening up the gates and saying "Go ahead, animals, roam as you will!"

I would keep him in there till his 18th birthday if I could figure out the logistics of that. I'm certain this is a bad idea.

I just reeeeeeallly like it when Carter is contained. In fact, I sometimes take walks with them in the stroller just because its a way I can restrain Carter without being arrested for it.

Every weekend my husband and I talk about making the switch. And every weekend we come up with a new excuse not to. We're going out and we don't want a babysitter to have to deal with it...he's not feeling well...its too hot...its too cold...Jupiter is in the seventh sun and Venus is on the rise, sooo, we better not do it this weekend.

The doctor told me that he would eventually climb out. No, nope, not my kid. My kid will not....BOOM! 
If you've never heard the sound of a 30 pound two-year-old hitting the floor, that was it.


We're changing him over tonight...stay tuned.

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