Monday, May 14, 2012

Fashion Victim

My son has no sense of style.

I think really very few three-year-old boys do.  Up until recently, however, he at least looked put-together on a daily basis because he let me dress him and had absolutely no interest in picking out his own clothes.

Lately, however, getting dressed has been more of a struggle.  He likes to dress himself, which I encourage because he’s being independent and learning new skills.  But he also likes to pick out his own clothes, which I discourage because he doesn’t understand that black shorts and a navy blue tank top not only don’t match, but also are not appropriate when it’s 47 degrees out.

I thought maybe having boys would spare me from the daily fights about what to wear.  But I have Carter, who cannot make an outfit to save his life, and Grant, who never wants to get out of his pajamas.  Ever.

The only thing Carter’s new fashion sense is good for is…a blog post.  So here you go.  These are some of Mr. Fashion Victim’s latest ensembles:

Outfit 1: The "Grey on Grey Sweatsuit" is so hot this season.
When he came out of the house my husband asked why he was dressed like a 1950's gym teacher.  And, yes, in case you're wondering, that IS a duck whistle hanging around his neck. He's apparently also into accessories these days.

Outfit 2: The "Pajamas and Rain Boots" look.

Are you afraid it might rain in your bedroom while you're sleeping? Also, those are MY rain boots.  He has taken a sudden interest in wearing my shoes...which brings me to my next picture...

Outfit 3: The "Helmet and High Heels" combo can be found all over the runways in Paris.

Because you simply CANNOT go bike riding without your pointy-toe sling-backs!

Outfit 4: The "What?  I'm just mowing the lawn in tiny shorts and high socks!" fashion statement.

Way to bring out your Red Neck side, Cart. 
Personally I think you need a Budwiser can to complete the look. 

And Finally...

Outfit 5: The "I'm So Putting This in Your High School Yearbook" blackmail picture.

Because sometimes you just gotta throw on your plastic glasses and your red flats and party!

So there you have it, the top five reasons why they don't let toddlers design clothes.  Although if fashion were this simple it would be a hell of a lot easier to dress myself in the morning...besides having to fight Carter for all of my shoes, that is.

**I’m very excited to be partnering with the lovely ladies of Merely Mothers for their “Fashion Week”.  Stayed tuned for my guest post with them about why I hate clothes and have therefore dedicated my life to amassing an obscene amount of yoga pants!
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  1. I love yoga pants! (hence style week!) We are thrilled to have you join us!
    - Sarahlynne

  2. Oooh, I just love the slingbacks! Hysterical!!

  3. He's so cute! My youngest went through a stage where everything was accompanied by his lime green cowboy boots. They went especially well with shorts and tank tops. That look made me really proud.

    1. I'm not going to tell Carter that lime green cowboy boots exist...he'll just want them =)

  4. LOL! I love these outfits- and you know, I wish B would dress like this..or dress himself for that matter. We have those dino jams and frog boots. I will have to see about putting something together!

  5. Replies
    1. He's something alright! Thanks for reading =)

  6. I love his outfits! And you're giving him such a wonderful sense of independence and identity by allowing him to choose. Good for you, Mom!

  7. Thanks everyone! He really does have..umm...unique style? =)

  8. Hahhaha I love these pics. It appears he may need a bit of help in the fashion department.

    1. "Bit of help" is the understatement of the year. He's really diggin the monocromatic look this season. And I'm not one of those cool moms who lets him rock whatever he wants to wear...I change him after I take the picture...and post it on the internet.

  9. My son does the same thing. I'm just glad I have boys because no one really seems to mind if boys don't match!

  10. Love his many looks! My daughter used to sport her cowboy boots and…well, that was about it. Naked buns and cowboy boots.

    And, in case you're wondering, high heels and cycling are IN :).

    (Happy to have found you at yeah write)