Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Things That Go Bump

It must be really scary being a kid.

There are tons of new things you have to learn, everyone is bigger than you and you can’t just run around with no pants on and smear peanut butter all over your brother whenever you want to.  It’s a tough life.

Maybe that’s why Carter has recently started having nightmares. 
He’ll wake up screaming and then do this little pathetic cry for a few minutes afterwards.  My heart aches seeing my baby so scared and knowing there’s little I can do to fix it. I love him so much I just want to protect him from every scary thing in the world ( and that’s probably the nicest thing I’ve ever said on this blog…ever.)
Last night I heard the scream so I bolted out of bed and ran in to wrap my arms around my son and tell him he’s safe and sound. 

“You’re ok, buddy!  Mama’s here.  You’re safe in your bed and nothing can get you.  Did you have a scary dream?”

“What happened?”

Oh No!  Did he have a dream about something bad happening to his brother?  And he wanted to protect him?  That’s the cutest thing in the world!
“What happened to Grant?”

“He took my red fire truck and my blue truck and my Bruins truck.  I wanted those.”
He…he took your…wait, no.  That’s what you were screaming about?  For real?  I rushed in here in a panic to protect you from harm and you were dreaming about your brother stealing your toys? 

Obviously that’s THE WORST thing that a three year old can imagine happening.  Toy theft.  I knew you really loved that red truck but COME ON! 
From now on I will not be running into his room when he screams.   I will simply yell “Grant, give it back!” from the comfort of my warm bed. 

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