Friday, March 16, 2012

Mom of Boys

Ok this is completely and totally immature, but when you have boys anything having to do with the word “balls” becomes funny. 

Honest to God.
Try listening to your son talk about playing with his balls and NOT crack a smile.  Almost impossible, right?  If you disagree then we clearly don’t have the same sense of humor…so you’re probably, like, a real grown-up.  Good for you.

The first time I realized that this was hysterical was when Carter was a baby.  He was in a phase where we had to kiss everything he brought us.  His stuffed animals, his cars, etc.
One day he was playing with two little basketballs and he held them up to my face.  I said “Do you want Mommy to kiss your balls?”

After I realized what I had said I absolutely could not stop laughing. Do you want Mommy to kiss your balls?  C’mon.  That’s a riot.  I called my husband and he laughed too.  We apparently became intellectually 13 after having kids. 
We’ve been working on sharing in our house so the boys get really excited to let us know when they play nicely together. 

One day Carter ran up to me and proclaimed:
“Mom!  I shared!  I let Grant play with my balls!  Are you proud of me?”

Ummm…I’m unsure. 
Sometimes I feel bad when I laugh because they have no idea why I’m getting such a kick out of what they’re saying.  They’re just sitting there playing, wondering why their mother is such a friggin whack job.

For example, they were in the play room playing basketball and I called in to ask what they were up to.  The response was:  “We’re just holding our balls and taking some shots.”
Really? All I could picture was two college boys sitting around the frat house on a random Saturday holding themselves and having some drinks.  It was a nice glimpse into their future!

“Balls” isn’t the only word that gets a giggle around here either.  Let’s take the word “package”…
When Carter walks around holding a box and screaming “I have a big package!” it’s hard not to find that amusing.  Maybe I need to get out more.

Last spring my mother bought the boys some toy gardening tools.  Including a hoe…you can guess where this is going…
Well, apparently Carter was just hitting things with it rather than actually gardening (weird, huh?).  When my mom told me about his behavior she said: “He just loves banging that hoe!”


Am I not supposed to laugh at that?  Well, I’m gonna anyway.  And then I’m gonna stick my tongue out at the people who think I’m behaving like a child.  That’ll show ‘em!

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  1. Ha ha! Too funny! I remember one time a child at the playground was upset because "he lost his blue balls". I couldn't stop laughing.

    Thanks for the laugh!