Thursday, March 8, 2012


First of all does everyone know what this is? 
It’s a website where you can get ideas on everything from cooking to home décor.  But not just anyone can see all the outfits, recipes, tips, etc.  Oh no.  You have to be invited to join.  You have to find someone who's willing to bring you into the fold.
Is this a website or a secret society?  Only losers have to ASK if they can be invited to something.  It’s basically internet high school. 
“So what’s going on this weekend?”

“I think Pinterest is having a party, weren’t you invited?  Oh…you weren’t?  Well why don’t you ask her if you can come? I’m sure you’re invited and she just hasn’t gotten around to asking you yet.”
Yeah, sure.
I have a love/hate relationship with this site. 
I love it because it does have some really good content.  Great ideas about things to make and what not.  I hate it because I don’t have the time or money to do any of it. 
And honestly, if people spent half as much time doing things as they spend looking up things to do then the site would go under.  It thrives on the average person’s desire to waste time finding things on the internet that they could be doing but just aren’t.
Sometimes it’s not that I lack the time to try the things I look at, but more that I lack the desire to.
One hundred and one crafts you can make with your kids?  Nah.  Talk to me when you come up with a list of one hundred and one cocktails you can make because of your kids. 

Now doesn't that look delicious? 
There are also a lot of ideas about how to decorate kid’s rooms: make a decorative banner that spells out their name in their own hand prints; stencil the words to their favorite nursery rhyme on the walls; blah blah blah…
The only time you have to do any of that is BEFORE you have kids.  If the kid is already here it's too late.
You have serious issues if   you think you’re going to be able to dip your child's hand in paint as many times as it would take to write out their name.  And if they’re old enough to have a favorite nursery rhyme then they’re old enough to be consuming every second of your day with their constant needs.  I struggle to find time to urinate, never mind do any of this shit.   
This just have too much time on your hands.  
Now, me personally, I don’t like to be reminded of all the awesome things that I don’t have.  So I don’t get why people want to look at pictures of amazing houses they’ll never live in or exotic locations they’ll never visit. 
Suzie Smith repined a picture of a gorgeous private lagoon in Fiji and named it “Someday I’ll go here!” 
No.  You won’t.  Know who’s gonna go there?  The creator of Pinterest. 
But don’t worry…I’m sure they’ll pin a lovely picture of it to their “What I Did With My Money From Creating Pinterest” board. 


  1. I checked out Pinterest. Then deleted it. No thanks.

  2. Visiting from Bloggy Moms, and your newest follower :)

    Ha! You know, I actually like Pinterest, but your post here made me laugh out loud, especially the last bit about are hilarious. Your boys are cuties! Glad to have found you!

  3. Thanks for the follow! Until now I've just been sharing it with friends and family. Starting to put myself out there more on places like Bloggy Moms, glad you found me!

    And I acutally like Pinterest too...but that's less funny =)

  4. I have enough projects on my plate without putting more on there, but you made me curious enough to look at Pintrest - and now I. Can. Not. Stop.

    It sucked me in. Damn you.

  5. I know right? In addition to that my friend recently introduced me to Twitter...she clearly hates my children and wants them to be motherless!

  6. Ha ha ha! Seriously! But I am totally addicted, go figure. Found you on Bloggymoms. Your newest follower-Kim Check me out if you get a chance

  7. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! I'll check our your site, thanks for following =)

  8. i am officially one of the only bloggers who has yet to venture in the Pininterest abyss...but you again did peak my interest....
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    your boys are cuties...and I now you have your hands full with them!

  9. 8 kids?? I think you win in the "hands full" department! Thanks for the follow =) Love the story about the boys with the dump truck in your blog...that'll be mine someday I'm sure!!

  10. i love pinterest but i love this post more!! and I don't have to do anything to your post except read it! hahahahah

  11. Glad you enjoyed it. I love your blog as well. When our blogs make us famous we should buy that island I posted on Pinterest and go be hilarious together!

  12. Omg so true again!!! But I also love pinning :)