Monday, October 15, 2012


Yay! My sister is married!

It was an absolutely amazing and beautiful day.  She looked gorgeous.  I didn’t look too bad either. 

My boys were both ring bearers.  I was excited to see them in their little tuxes…which, by the way, Men’s Warehouse tried to charge me $140 for.  EACH!  What is it about weddings that make vendors have to assault you?  Anyway, I told them to screw.  Thank you eBay!

Like any parent of two young children I was basically expecting the worst. 

I figured there was little to no chance of them actually making it down the aisle with all of those people there.  I pictured tears, screaming, and melt downs.  But in the back of my mind I was also picturing another thing…I was picturing the fantastic blog post any of those actions on their part would yield. 

Clearly I wasn’t HOPING for the worst, just preparing for it.  See the great lengths I’m willing to go to keep you people entertained?  You’re welcome.

I considered it a really bad sign when we walked into the church for the rehearsal and the first thing Carter asked was:

“Can I leap frog down the aisle?

Which he then proceeded to do. I actually thought it was one of his best ideas yet…until he had his next breakthrough:

“OH! Grant let’s log roll down the aisle!”

So they did.  They log rolled the entire length of the church.  Down on their bellies and everything.  If I had to vote for walking, leaping or rolling I probably would have picked rolling.  That was my favorite.

They also raced their matchbox cars through the pews a bunch.  This behavior led my grandmother to look at them disapprovingly and tell them “This is God’s house!”

I imagine they were thinking: “Who is this God person and why is he such a buzz kill!”

I have to work on becoming a better Catholic…

Well, cut to Saturday afternoon.  The wedding got started and when it came to their turn they…walked down beautifully!  No log rolling (bummer).  They did great.  I was super proud.

In fact, they were so comfortable that when they were walking back up the aisle Carter kept stopping to smile and wave at people.  This kid is a born politician. 

They were even good while being announced into the reception!  I was shocked, you guys are probably disappointed.  I apologize, I really, really expected them to screw up!  I don’t know what happened.

But one thing I do know is that at some point in the night Carter discovered the photo booth:
Guess he didn't know how to work it at first. 
( Anyone else think this picture could be an advertisement for a 'creepy kid' type movie.  "This little boy keeps appearing in my pictures...")

He eventually got the hang of it though.  He went in like five times. 
He's so artistic with the black and whites.  Oh and hey!  The top of Grant's head made it in too.
So congrats to my sister and her new hubby.  And sorry about the uneventful blog post.

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