Friday, March 8, 2013

Musings of a Robotic Mind

Hi friends!  How’s everyone doing today?  Personally I am doing great.  Know why?  Well there are two reasons:

1.       It’s Friday

2.       I’ve had a lot of contact this week with my new best friend Spammy McSpam-A-Lot.

In case anyone is unfamiliar with my newest fan, he’s the wisest, wittiest, most informational commenter I’ve ever had.

Oh, and he’s a computer.

Ever since I turned off the spam filter on my blog he’s been getting in touch with me more often.  (read Prove You're Not a Robot to get caught up)

I love sharing the information I get from him, it’s all very useful.  Hope you learn something folks…and here we go…

Comment: “Feel free to visit my site 'Abigail Adams Pictures'."

There’s a whole site for that?  Personally I think if you’ve seen one Abigail Adams picture you’ve seen them all.  But that’s just me.  Clearly there is a market out there for these photos and I’m sure business is booming!
Here's my favorite picture of Abby.  I'm thinking of having this one made into a canvas for my living room...
But then again...this one really shows a different side of her personality.  I just don't know which one to go with.

Comment: “I'm curious to find out what blog system you are working with? I'm having some small security issuеs with my latest blog anԁ I would liκe to find sοmething more seсure. Dο you haνe аny reсοmmendаtions?”

Oh Spammy!  I find this comment hilarious coming from you.  YOU are looking to ME for advice on blog security? Are you under the impression that my blog is secure?  You come on here and leave me comments about vaporizers all the damn time…I have the least secure blog in America!

My recommendation for you is to puncture the hat of society and tip the label to be sparking the most advanced typewriter.  That should make perfect sense to you…

Comment: “Computer screen control is also available. Stored energy printers. In essence, they appreciated each other and never lost sight of how lucky they felt to have each other as their spouse.”

Are we talking about the computer screen and the stored energy printer here?  Now that is a love story for the ages!  My favorite part is when he says “Virus detected. Update software” and she says “Ink cartridge is running low”.  Talk about romantic! Gets me every time.

Comment: “What’s up, I check your stuff out on a regular basis.  Your story telling style is awesome, keep it up.  Also visit my website ‘Dolphin Pear’.”

Thank you so much for the friendly greeting and nice compliment!  Now I totally don’t think you’re a robot at all and I’ll definitely check out your site. 

You have absolutely no idea how long I’ve been looking for more information on Dolphin Pears.  I’ve been having such a hard time deciding how to approach it.  Like, do I eat it or swim with it? Pick it off a tree then rescue it from the wild?  I just don’t know. I really hope you can give me some valuable insight to help me with my problem.

Comment: “Some radio designers often make use of this property to tune an antenna to their needs by restricting transmission or reception to signals on a limited number of vectors. Even today, I go big game hunting and all this, and the more dangerous something is, the happier I am.”

Wow, you wild man, you.  Are you trying to impress me with your love of danger?  Cause let me tell you something…it worked! Tell me that part again about the radio designers, the properly tuned antenna and the Lion you bagged on safari in Africa?  You know how much that turns me on.

Comment: “If you need best aromatherapy, the herbal vaporizers are well suitable for you to get huge benefits. Since the herb is used in inducing abortions, it should not be used in pregnancy. It is the latest and greatest in the new generation of herbal incense.”

Come again? Used in inducing abortions? Jesus Christ…does it say that on the label?  I feel like that warning should be in bold type...or at least in all caps. You know how much I love my vaporizers but I just don’t know about this latest and greatest herbal one.  But, I mean, I’m sure you went through all the proper channels and it’s FDA approved and everything so it’s probably perfectly safe…


See?  Isn’t he great?  I’m so glad he’s come into my life…and that I’m able to pass on his pearls of wisdom to all my faithful readers! 
Just one more!  This woman truly has so many unique looks!


  1. Hahaha. Abigail Adams was busted and had a huge dome

    1. Tiny dome rather. Shoulders like a linebacker

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  4. DUDE! You really pissed off the blog gods! As annoying as it is, I guess you should up your verification thingy back up. That's just crazy! Although, I'm really enjoying all of these comments! I hope you clicked the link for Telefonsex!!

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