Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Preschool Non-Graduation

Today was Carter’s end of the year Preschool Program.  He got a little diploma and everything!

So I guess he graduated.  Which I’m kind of confused about because he’s in preschool again next year, so it seems silly to use the word “graduated”. If someone came up to me at the end of my first year of law school and said “Oh hey, you graduated!” and then took it back that person would no longer be with us. 

Regardless, he had his performance today.  For the amount of money it costs to send your child to school these days I had high expectations for a pretty elaborate show. 

(TIME OUT: Did I just use the term “these days”?  That sucks.  People are only supposed to use that term when they’re 90 and are complaining about the cost of milk.  I’ll have to be more careful in the future.)

Clearly I’m having a hard time focusing today…let’s start again…

So Carter had his end of the year preschool graduation (but not really)and I was looking forward to a nice show because nowadays (CRAP!) preschool is expensive. 

The kids were so adorable all lined up in their little chairs ready to perform.  They sang and danced and amused the crowd with their cuteness…oh but wait…not all of the kids did that.

Here’s what Carter did.  The whole time.

 "I'm going to cover my mouth so there is absolutely no chance that any song lyrics will slip out and subsequently make my parents happy."
Now, I find this odd because we all know that kid sings all the time. 

At pick up most parents get reports about how their kid learned the ABCs or drew a lovely butterfly.  I get reports about how my kid serenaded the staff out on the playground with every Jason Aldean song he knows. 

So we spent 10 minutes of our lives watching other people’s kids sing.  But I don’t care that Carter didn’t participate.  He learned other things this year: how to pedal a bike, how to write his name, how to poke other kids in the eye and then claim it was because you love them…

And I learned a lot as a parent this year as well. 

The most important lesson being: If you don’t want to get stuck bringing fruit to the class party you have to be the first to spot the sign-up sheet. 

And I would like to go on record and say that I was able to go an entire year without bringing in one baked good.  Thursday I'm signed up for plates. Yay plates!

I’m going to try to make this habit a tradition...next year I'm thinking of becoming "napkin mom". Avoiding actual cooking/baking/food preparation of any kind will take some effort but it’ll keep me on my toes.  It’s going to be a challenge but that’s just the kind of dedicated mother that I am!

Happy (Non) Graduation Carter!
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  1. Napkin Mom is a theme you could carry through the entire year - think of the possibilities for a Halloween costume.

    1. Now you're getting creative...that's the spirit!!

  2. Carry on the title napkin mom well into their adulthood. Your boys are getting married? You can contribute napkins. Carter has his own offspring....can you baby-sit so the wife and i can have a date? No, Carter, but I can bring you napkins

  3. YAY plates! I got to bring cups to the class picnic! Holla!! I too, didn't have to bring in any baked goods. I love summer birthdays!

    I think being napkin mom next year is an excellent idea. I may have to steal it for my own!

  4. He looks so adorable in that photo - I love his expression!

  5. How cute! They never act the way that you think they will at that age. You'll remember it longer this way!