Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Santa vs. Jesus

This year I’ve decided to introduce the concept of Jesus to my kids. 
Yes, yes, I know.  All of you Christians out there are making that little noise with your tongue right now; the one you make when you’re disappointed (is there a name for that noise?).  Ok, it took me three years to talk to my kids about religion.  But the story of Jesus isn’t really bed time story material, now is it?
“Carter, Grant.  Mommy wants to tell you about Jesus.  He was born long ago…outside…in the cold…because people are mean.  Then he grew up and did great things for mankind…the same mankind that subsequently beat him, dug razor sharp thorns into his head and drove huge nails through his hands and feet.  He eventually bled out and died in the most excruciating way possible.  Sweet dreams kids!”
I haven’t quite figured out how to spin that yet.
On the other hand, the story of Santa is a wonderful holiday tradition. 
“Hey guys!  Wanna hear about Santa?  He’s a big happy, jolly man who makes toys for a living and then gives them out to children all over the world!  He also maintains a strict diet of cookies, milk and hot chocolate!  Merry Christmas!”
So maybe my kids have a better understanding of Santa than of Jesus at this point.  In fact, Grant’s first word maaaaaay have been Santa.  I’m not even joking, he’s a December baby…his first word was ACTUALLY Santa.
Well better late than never, right?  So I bought a book about the night Jesus was born.  It’s a nice little story about a mother’s love.  What could be a better way to broach this subject? 
Reason number 1,537 why I'm a bad Catholic:
While reading the book Carter kept asking if Santa was in it...
“No, he’s not”
“Is Jesus friends with Santa?”
“I don’t think so...can we just read the book?”
“Well, does he at least have reindeer?
Um…if I say yes is it gonna make you shut up and listen to the damn story? Cause then yeah, Jesus loooooved him some reindeer!
Not the way I pictured this going when I made that purchase.  I decided to try a different approach and tell him about all the great things Jesus did for people.  He seemed to at least absorb this information and didn’t mention Santa once during my speech about how Jesus loved and helped people.
A few minutes later Carter said “Mom, we’re playing hide and seek and I can’t find Grant.  Do you think Jesus will help me?”
I may want to wait another year on this whole Jesus thing…

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  1. Haha! Jesus isn't any help in games...goodness knows I could have used it during Pictionary in college.