Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Carter and Grant

Carter was 8 months old when we found out we were expecting Grant. I was so excited...and so scared out of my mind! I wasn't sure how my baby would deal with being a big brother.  But he was such a sweet little boy so I couldn't imagine it being anything other than perfect....

Their first meeting was, well, interesting. Carter toddled over to the car seat and took a peek but I really don't think he even saw the baby. All he saw was the cute stuffed duck that was in there with him. Soooooo, he just poked Grant in the eye real quick, grabbed the duck and left...and that was the beginning of their beautiful relationship.

At first, having someone else in the house didn't effect Carter one bit. It wasn't until Grant started moving that things changed. And Grant rolled/crawled/walked early, which was pretty awesome for me because now there was someone to mess with Carter. Which he totally deserved.

Payback is a bitch my little friend!

Grant is fast.  I wouldn't want him for a little brother.  He's also really strong.  Carter sometimes has to drag him several feet before he'll let go of the toy they are fighting over.  That's dedication, Grant.  Keep it up!

I love watching them interact. Sometimes I'll hear them nicely playing together and it will make me so happy. Until I walk into the room and realize that they are nicely playing together with.... a pizza cutter that Carter stole from the kitchen drawer.

Um, at least they were getting along while slicing up plastic asparagus, right?

We also have this big red car that they like to play with.  But its like, if one is playing with it the other MUST throw himself in the way.  They can't just take turns.  Ya know, when I used to dream about having children I never pictured the moment when I would have to yell "WE DON'T RUN OVER OUR BROTHERS!" But, yeah, that's a concern around here these days.

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