Friday, September 24, 2010

Time Out!

Ah! Time out!

The age old tradition...well, actually, its not really "age old" is it? Back in the old days kids got a wack and then they never did that again. Who the hell came up with this time out idea, again?


Time out for Carter is a joke, and I mean, who can blame him?

Yeah he has to sit on the step for (gasp!) TWO MINUTES! Its not like he's in isolation, there is still stuff going on around him. So he just sits there, watches what Grant and I are doing, and it's probably really peaceful for him.

I wish someone would walk up to me and say:

"Oh! Time out! Go sit somewhere and not have any contact with anyone for half an hour."


 I would probably ask what I did wrong so I could be sure to repeat the offense again sometime real soon.
I've tried to make it an actual punishment for him...there was the one day when, after I put him in time out, I took out all of his trucks and played with them in front of him. Saying things like "Wow! Trucks are so fun! I'm glad I'M not in time out!".

Or the day when he yelled from his step prison "I'm mad at you", and I turned around and yelled back "Oh yeah? Well I'm mad at you too, pal!" (Please note, this blog is not a 'how-to' on perfect parenting...clearly).

Well, until he learns to modify his behavior...or until I learn exactly what actions on my part will actually get under his skin...I guess time out is the best we got!

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