Friday, September 24, 2010

Having a selfish mom moment...

Know those mothers who bring their kids out to classes or playgroups when they are sick?  You kind of have to fight the urge to spit on them...or at least the urge to call them at 2am when your kids wakes up with a faucet nose.  I have many vivid scenarios where I tell these women off  "Um, can you please get slimer...oh I mean the playground before he infects the entire town!  Have a nice selfish, mean lady!" 

Well, Carter has gym class today and he's a stuffy mess!  But gym class usually results in a three hour nap which is a great time for me to clean the house, do the laundry...hahaha!  No, just kidding, but I do have a lot of DVRing to catch up on....

Alright, I won't bring him.  But you can't stop me from cursing all the other mothers with happy, healthy kids who are at that class.

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