Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm a yeller!

Know those softspoken mothers who never scream and are able to discipline their their children in a rational and composed manner? They're cute, aren't they?

Unfortunately for my children they did not get that make and model of mother. I'm a yeller.  I come from a long line of yellers.  In fact, I'm pretty sure that until I went away to college I didn't realize that there were other ways to communicate.  I'm trying to break this habit so I can be a model mommy.  Its really not going well...I'm raising another generation of yellers.

Case in point, if you ask Carter what Daddy's name is he responds "MICHAEL!", screaming the name at the top of his lungs. Is that what I sound like? Yes, my husband assures me, that IS in fact what I sound like.  I yelled at him for saying that.

Now Carter yells pretty much whenever somthing doesn't go his way.  Recently I spent the morning torturing him...oh I'm sorry, I mean  having his hair cut.  But if you ask my neighbors they'll back up my torture story based on the blood curdling screams coming from my house.   Also, he screams at the dogs whenever they bark, which is basically all day long. I'm pretty sure Grant must think the dog's names are "NO!" and "STOP IT!"

And of course when he gets to this point I naturally take a deep breath and... yell over him!  Yellers, we're all yellers.

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