Monday, April 22, 2013

Dress Up Fun

Sorry I have been a little MIA on the blog lately. 

Don’t know if you happened to hear but we’ve been a little busy up here in Boston this week…

So related to that I’ve been pretty much glued to the TV for 7 full days.  Which has left a lot of time for Carter to be…um…creative.

He’s been really into dress up lately.  He wears an apron around and pretends to be a chef.  Then he’ll throw on a cowboy hat…you get the picture.  But this week due to lack of parental supervision he’s come up with a new idea for a costume. 

He greeted me the other day dressed as…a scuba diver.

Ok so maybe your child has thrown on some goggles and pretended to be a scuba diver before and you’re over there thinking “So what?  That’s not that weird.”

But when Carter dresses up he has to be authentic.  He needs to be the real deal.  So he obviously started out with the scuba diver mask:


We don’t have one that covers your whole face.  So he used a random pair of Spiderman goggles that he got in a birthday party goody bag and then he added the fish mask that came with his nebulizer. 

Half breathing machine.  Half scuba mask. Perfect.

Actually, know what?  The damn insurance company charged us so much money to have that machine in our house that I’m glad they are getting as much use out of it as possible. 

Go ahead kids; mess with the hundreds of dollars’ worth of vital medical equipment.  But if you lose it don’t come bitching to me the next time you need to breathe properly.

After his mask was complete he stole the vacuum attachments to turn into a breathing tank for his back.  He called them his "pipes":


Honest to god, the last thing those things have ever been used for is cleaning.  They are drumsticks, hockey sticks, pointers, cannons, swords…and now pipes.

He’s also using one of my elastic workout headbands to hold them onto his back.  I mean, I gotta give the kid points for being resourceful.  He came up with this all on his own because his mother ignored him and watched footage of bombings and gunfights and manhunts all week.  That sounds normal, right?

Oh and while we’re on the topic of unsupervised kids…if you drove by my house today and saw a child dancing around the front yard dressed in a tiny skeleton costume you weren’t imagining things.  Cause that happened as well:

Just casually skipping around out here!

Do, do, do, la, la, la!

He's really getting into it now...
I make sure to document all of these moments so that if he ever becomes a rich and famous celebrity I can sell the photos to the tabloids and make a shit load of money.  I have all my bases covered.


  1. F*@%ing brilliant! This kid is going places with his resourcefulness. Also, he just screwed himself because now when he whines and complains that he can't POSSIBLY found something to occupy himself/find that thing staring him in the face/figure out the answer to his homework you can just say "scuba costume" and he'll know you are on to him! [insert evil laugh here]

    That last picture of Grant...yeah, that will go for millions when he's famous!! You really have it made!!

  2. He is looking so cut with scuba mask.