Friday, July 20, 2012


Tomorrow we leave for a week-long vacation at Lake Winnipesaukee in NH.

Today I pack.

Over the past couple of years I’ve learned a thing or two about trying to pack for vacation while your children are in the house.  So I’m here to share a few tips with you:

Tip #1 – Don’t do it.  Get a babysitter.  It’s the impossible dream, it cannot be accomplished successfully. 

 This is super helpful.  Clearly I intended you to use that suitcase as a chair.

Unfortunately for me I cannot take my own advice as I have no available babysitter at the moment.  This means I’m doomed to pack the same item over and over again until my kids get sick of pulling it out of the suitcase and move on to something else. 

I’ve been at this for two hours now and all I’ve managed to pack is a few bathing suits and some wine glasses.  Actually…come to think of it, that’s all we really need.  Let’s hit the road!

The worst is trying to pack their toys.  They have 5 million trucks, but they NEED to play with the one I JUST packed or their heads will explode.  And the last thing I need to be doing right now is cleaning up after an exploded cranium.  Those stains just never come out. 

Inevitably I will forget to repack that particular truck and they will ask for it the minute we get there.  And I won’t have it…and their heads will explode.  (If you haven’t noticed, this is a never ending cycle of head explosion).

This year I thought I was being smart and told them to put whatever they wanted to bring to the lake into a basket.  Then I could not possibly be blamed for any vital items that didn’t make the cut.

Here’s what they packed:

WTF is with the chair? 

Last year I spent over 12 hours packing up me, the kids, the sheets, towels, toys, games, bikes, food, etc., etc. etc.

After that long day my husband came home from work, threw a few T-shirts and some boxers into the suitcase and was ready to go in 10 minutes.  I promptly stabbed him 700 times and am now a widow…

Ok, I didn’t really do that. 

But if he pulls that shit again this year I’m gonna stab him at least once for good measure. 

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  1. Lol! Too funny! Nobody in the world besides moms knows just how stressful packing for a trip is! I would love for you to come link up this post to the Mommy-Brain Mixer, which is happening right now! Hope to see you there! :)