Friday, July 13, 2012

Carter Van Gogh

Some parents can look at their child’s artwork and just know that they are talented.  When they see their kid’s drawings they think “Wow, this is very creative and it looks just like whatever it’s supposed to be!”

I am not one of those parents.

When I pick up Carter’s artwork I usually think “Wow, what a great line you drew on this piece of paper!”  Because that’s all he draws.  Lines.  Sometimes scribbles.  Mostly lines.

Yesterday when I picked him up from school summer camp I found what I thought was a blank piece of red paper in his cubby.  I asked the teacher if it was for some sort of at home assignment.  She told me no, in fact it was a drawing that Carter had done.


Did this masterpiece take you a while, Cart?  Work on this all morning?

This has basically been the theme of all of his artwork throughout the year.  And of course I have to celebrate it and act like it’s the most beautiful faint yellow line on a red piece of paper that I’ve ever seen. 

He’s clearly a minimalist.

Around Mother’s Day the kids all made cards for their moms.  Before I saw Carter’s my friend Jane was telling me all about the card she got.  Her son apparently made a picture of her inside the card, complete with yarn hair and stuff.  All decorated inside and out and so adorable!

I couldn’t wait to get mine!

The front of my Mother’s Day card:

The inside of my Mother’s Day card:

Well, at least he “loyes” me…

Then of course, he also went through his “pizza phase” where no matter what the picture was supposed to be of he told us it was a pizza…

This is a pizza:

This is also a pizza:

Recently he’s started drawing people.  He’s getting better at it.  Here’s a picture of my husband:

Carter told us this was a picture of Daddy and his “expensive purple beard”.  I don’t know what makes purple beards so expensive but I hope he got it on sale cause we really don’t have much room in our budget for excessive facial hair expenses.

Here’s a picture he drew of two egg people and a jelly fish…

Oh wait, never mind.  It’s a picture of my father, my sister and her fiancé. 

Looks like Papa has three arms and is using one of them to touch his daughter's bum.  Actually, maybe he’s rubbing her back as she vomits.  (Court, lay off the sauce man!  You're embarrassing yourself.) And then we have tiny Uncle Matt (who is actually 6’5”) with his three eyes and no arms just floating around in the background taking it all in...that line next to him is his "silver beer". 

Looks like a totally normal, happy, functional family to me!

Carter Van Gogh’s work will be featured in several trendy art show this season in New York, L.A., Paris and my fridge.


  1. I LOVE children's art work. Some experts would say Auntie is the most important person to him since he drew her the biggest. Uncle Matt is a supporting character and not all that important to Carter since he was drawn so small.

    1. My sister will love that interpretation! Any theories on purple bearded men??

  2. holy crap!!! you just made my summer day!!! hahaha! let me know when i can trade one of my kid's one of a kinds for yours

    1. Oooh...I like the trading idea. Like getting to redecorate for free! Got any puking sister, jelly fish uncle type pics??

  3. laughed out loud ! so funny!

  4. Almost peed my pants laughing so hard at your interpretations of Carter's art! That drawing iof your family is priceless!

    1. Well considering your current state I would think it's kind of easy to make you pee your pants...but I appreciate the compliment =)

  5. Almost peed my pants laughing so hard at your interpretations of Carter's art! That drawing iof your family is priceless!

  6. OMG that was hilarious! I liked the purple beard until your comments on the last picture! Holy crap!