Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Is it spring yet?

This winter has been unbearable.

It's unnatural to live without sunlight or warmth for this long. I would go indoor tanning but I don't want skin cancer. Well, actually, I supposed worrying about skin cancer might be better than worrying about being arrested because I attacked the cheerful cashier at Starbucks who told me to have a nice day. (Cause what the hell is she so chipper for anyway? She must be some sort of alien life form.)

I know that everyone feels this way. Everyone is miserable and has been stuck inside for too long. But just think, it could be worse. You could have been stuck inside with Carter. Consider yourselves lucky.

Every normal kid gets cabin fever if they are in one place for too long. They tend to go stir crazy. But Carter doesn't get stir crazy...he gets creative.

For example, one morning I noticed that the upstairs toilet wasn't flushing correctly. I mentioned this to my husband and watched his face grow concerned. Turns out Carter had just walked up to him and exclaimed "Daddy, we don't flush Eeyore down the potty."

We still haven't found Eeyore...

He has exhausted every normal use for his toys and is now forced to find unconventional ways play with them.  It's kind of resourceful actually.  He invented a game where he puts plastic food in his mouth and sees how far he can spit them across the room.  One day he set up a bucket for himself as a target.  I guess he needed more of a challenge. 

He's also become a climber.

He tears down the gate and climbs the stairs...where he immediately goes to work finding an activity that he thinks will annoy me. Some days he'll throw everything we own into his brother's crib. Toys, clothes, games, chairs (yes I said chairs)...really, whatever he can get his mitts on. Grant doesn't have to be in there in order to make this game fun, but if that's the case then it's an added bonus.

One day he climbed into the excersaucer and couldn't get out. He was crying, telling me that he was stuck and asking me to help him. So I did. Oh, but not before I left him in there for a few minutes as a lesson. And I videotaped it...and posted it on facebook...

Some day we'll all laugh about our therapist's office.

To pass the time, we've been reading a lot of books. We have one called "No David!" which is basically a story about all the fresh things this little boy does. Complete with pictures.  I absolutely hate this book.

It probably gives most kids a sense of what is considered bad behavior. But I think it just gives Carter ideas..."Rip off all my clothes and go running around outside? How could I have never thought of that before! Number one on my 'To Do' list...."

I'm going to sacrifice the first person I hear complain about the heat this summer.


  1. Carter sounds like a bright, energetic boy. We never, ever allowed guns but my son turned a toaster into a "gun machine." I remember the highway he created on blue carpeting. The lines were drawn with Desitin. And then there was the day his dad & I snuck off, leaving him in front of the television. Ten minutes later, he was fully engaged with Julia Child, bowls & spice containers everywhere. Know that this, too shall pass. It will not be long before your boy is a young man. Cherish his spirit & hang onto your sanity. I cherished every moment & I'm so glad I did. I have not one regret.

  2. He is quite something! I'll want to kill him one minute and the next he'll be making me crack up laughing...thank god for those moments =) Thanks for the advice, they do grow up really fast!

  3. Too funny! Should I tell Carter about the time my twins painted the dog with fluff or each other with vaseline. It's only just begun, but keep smiling. Those moments are what are going to get you through. By the way, the fact that you stopped to videotape him. Priceless. I did get a photo of my twins wrapped in a roll of Scotchtape once. Ahh, the joys of parenting.

  4. Hahaha! That's hysterical! Carter once helped me out by putting sunscreen on his brother...which turned out to be Desitin. Yeah. Thanks for the comment =)